My WERNER PADDLE : Kalliste – The performance core blade

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Werner Kalliste small Diameter Shaft Neutral Bent Shaft Carbon 230cm



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MSRP: Straight Shaft $390 Neutral Bent Shaft $465 (prices are in U.S. currency) The Kalliste’s performance core blades have an exceptionally light buoyant feel on the water and offer silky smooth strokes that make paddling all day long feel effortless. The Kalliste is the ultimate choice for low angle kayakers.

  • Mid-size blades offer gentle power and a smooth easy stroke
  • Performance Core blades are buoyant, lightweight, and quiet
  • Smooth forward strokes make paddling all day feel effortless
  • Our lightest, most elegant touring design
Surface Area     650 sq cm
Blade Length x Width     52 x 16cm
Weight for 220cm
Straight Shaft     652g/23oz
Neutral Bent Shaft     737g/26oz
Recommended Length     220-240cm
Available Lengths:
Straight Shaft     210-260cm
Neutral Bent Shaft     210-240cm

Low-angle available in 10cm increments

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