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大師 ( Rasmus Lerdorf ) 說 “Simple is hard!”

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與 PHP 大師 Rasmus 合影 2008.1118


PHP/FI  history :

History of PHP


PHP succeeds an older product, named PHP/FI. PHP/FI was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995, initially as a simple set of Perl scripts for tracking accesses to his online resume. He named this set of scripts ‘Personal Home Page Tools’. As more functionality was required, Rasmus wrote a much larger C implementation, which was able to communicate with databases, and enabled users to develop simple dynamic Web applications. Rasmus chose to » release the source code for PHP/FI for everybody to see, so that anybody can use it, as well as fix bugs in it and improve the code.


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另外一個 PHP 教父 Andi Gutmans 砲轟 Java