New York City / San Francisco / Boston / Chicago / Marathon Guide & Route Map


NYC Marathon Quick Facts and Trivia:
The race will be held on Sunday Morning, November 4, 2012. Weather in 2011 was SUNNY with high temperatures in the lower 50’s F (10C). About a week before the race the full weather forcast will be posted here and also here

The United States observes a Daylight Saving Time change starting ON NOVEMBER 4th, 2012 so don’t forget to set your clock BACK one hour if you’re running (or cheering) on Sunday morning!

The race has several start times, between 8:30AM and 10:40AM, to accomodate the approximately 45,000 runners. The times shown on the map above are a “best guess” estimate of when you’ll start seeing large groups of runners (but if you want to see the leading professional male and female runners, you’ll want to get there quite a bit earlier).

Started in 1970, the race started with 127 runners running a 26.2 mile course inside Central Park.

Nearly half of the marathon route runs through the Borough of Brooklyn. It barely touches Staten Island and Queens, or the Bronx.

Runners may be interested in the route elevation map available on the ING NYC Marathon official website.

Television coverage in New York City is excusively on WNBC channel 4 starting at 9AM. For more options on how to watch the Marathon online or on TV, see the New York Road Runners site

Online web video streaming of the Marathon will be offered by for $4.99, see the Broadcast Schedule.

For more info and trivia see the New York Road Runners official site

Click here for the NYC Marathon day weather forecast
Start Times:

Runners start the course in multiple waves, starting at 8:30AM. The largest waves start at 9:40.

8:30AM – Wheelchair Division, Men
8:35AM – Wheelchair Division, Women
8:45AM – Foot Locker Five Borough Challenge
8:55AM – Handcycle Category
8:55AM – Ambulatory Athletes with Disabilities (AAWD) and slower Wheelchairs and Handcycles
9:10AM – Pro Women
9:40AM WAVE 1 – Pro Men, Sub-elite Men & Women, Local Competitive Men and Women
10:05AM WAVE 2 — Blue, Orange, and Green starts
10:30AM WAVE 3
10:55AM WAVE 4

Starts are by bib numbers: Wave 1 are numbers 1-18850, Wave 2 are 19000-36999, Wave 3 are 37000-54999 and Wave 4 are 55000-72999

Please refer to the ING NYC Marathon official site for official information!

Getting to viewing locations in Brooklyn
The short answer: Take the R train!

The longest stretch of the race through Brooklyn runs along 4th Avenue, and the R subway train has stations all along that avenue, starting with 95th Street Station in Bay Ridge all the way up to the Atlantic Avenue Station in Prospect Heights. After that, the C, A and/or G train will get you to the Lafayette Avenue stretch of the race. To get to the Williamsburg portion of the race, use the L train, and for Greenpoint, you’ll need to catch the G train.

Do not plan on crossing 4th Avenue during the race!

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