oracle export / import command

exp userid=user/password file=/path/database_$(date +%Y%m%d).dmp log=/path/database_$(date +%Y%m%d).log ROWS=Y

imp user/password file=database_20100914.dmp fromuser=user1 touser=user2 grants=n ignore=y feedback=1000000



imp tsdb/password file=TBL_STORE_DAY_2015_201703291490748896.dmp ignore=y feedback=1000000 FULL=y

root@ora11xe:/data# imp tsdb/password file=XXXX.dmp ignore=y feedback=1000000 FULL=y

Import: Release - Production on Mon Jul 17 20:16:45 2017

Copyright (c) 1982, 2009, Oracle and/or its affiliates.  All rights reserved.

Connected to: Oracle Database 11g Express Edition Release - 64bit Production

Export file created by EXPORT:V11.02.00 via conventional path

Warning: the objects were exported by ZZZZ, not by you

import done in US7ASCII character set and AL16UTF16 NCHAR character set
import server uses AL32UTF8 character set (possible charset conversion)
export server uses UTF8 NCHAR character set (possible ncharset conversion)
. importing ZZZZ's objects into TTTT
. importing ZZZZ's objects into TTTT
. . importing table         "XXXX"
                                                     50040378 rows imported
Import terminated successfully without warnings.

Objective-C , output format ref.

• %@ 物件
• %d, %i 整数
• %u 非負整數
• %f 浮點數
• %x, %X 十六進制整數
• %o 八進制整數
• %zu size_t
• %p 指標
• %e 浮點數 (科學計算)
• %g 浮點數
• %s C字串
• %.*s Pascal字串
• %c char字元
• %C unichar
• %lld 64位元長整數(long long)
• %llu 非負64位元長整數
• %Lf 64位元浮點數

parsing HTML on the iPhone

[上午 10:17:04] _RTN 神奇傑克:  object-c的html parser 這裡有解答

libxml2.2 comes in the SDK, and libxml/HTMLparser.h claims the following:

    This module implements an HTML 4.0 non-verifying parser with API compatible with the XML parser ones. It should be able to parse "real world" HTML, even if severely broken from a specification point of view.

kvm / qemu simple command

建立一個新的  image : qemu-img create winxp.raw 8GB

啟動一個 guest os 用 VNC 連接 : kvm –hda winxp.raw –cdrom /dev/cdrom –vnc :2

[下午 02:21:04] _RTN gillight: 如果有 適合的 CPU 的話
[下午 02:21:11] _RTN gillight: KVM 會有些優勢
[下午 02:21:26] _RTN gillight: 1. 近似 native 的 CPU 利用
[下午 02:22:03] _RTN gillight: 2. 近似 native 的網路利用 (KVM的半虛擬化驅動程式)
[下午 02:22:23] _RTN gillight: 3. 近似 native 的硬碟利用 (也是KVM的半虛擬化驅動程式)
[下午 02:22:50] _RTN gillight: 4. 動態縮放guest主機的實體記憶體大小
[下午 02:23:56] _RTN gillight: 然後剛剛說的那個 library 叫做 libvirt
[下午 02:26:05] _RTN gillight: 剛剛應該可以參考這個網頁
[下午 02:26:06] _RTN gillight:

[下午 02:26:58] _RTN gillight: virt-viewer  是官方推薦的 GUI
[下午 02:27:02] _RTN gillight: 但我沒用過
[下午 02:27:42] _RTN gillight: 我還是覺得要管一堆虛擬機器的話 webUI 還是最方便的
[下午 02:27:51] Rimmon 2.0: (y)
[下午 02:27:59] Rimmon 2.0: 有喵到
[下午 02:28:51] _RTN gillight: 我自己現在適用 VirtualBox
[下午 02:28:57] _RTN gillight: 本來是昇陽的產品
[下午 02:29:11] _RTN gillight: 現在變成萬惡甲骨文的了
[下午 02:37:52] Rimmon 2.0: 對呀, 一開 virtualbox 就看到 oracle ….
[下午 02:38:20] _RTN gillight: 更囧的事
[下午 02:38:29] _RTN gillight: 開 java 也會看到 oracle
[下午 02:38:38] Rimmon 2.0: 有點嚇一跳
[下午 02:39:03] Rimmon 2.0: 不是,  還有更囧的事
開 mysql 也會看到 oracle Orz
[下午 02:39:05] _RTN gillight: 還導致 Eclipse 死當
[下午 02:39:53] _RTN gillight:
[下午 02:40:44] _RTN gillight: 因為急著改名導致程式死當的案例…..
[下午 02:40:56] Rimmon 2.0: 這就是 hardcode 的結果呀
[下午 02:41:22] _RTN gillight: 😛 的確是