2011.1109 My bike … / 2011 Ironman Taiwan

這是 2011 Ironman 時用跟 Allan 借的輪組: Racing Zero , 全車重 8180g @Allan家 Racing Zero 輪組: 打 110 PSI 特別的是 Tubeless , 內部注射了補胎劑. zipp是2012紅火鳥 Front weight= 860g (含馬牌 Competition 管胎 230g), Back weight=1200g (含馬牌 Competition 管胎 230g+ultegra 11-28 飛輪 240g) 裝好全車重 7910g (不含照片裡的座墊袋) SHIMANO ULTEGRA 十速飛輪 11-28T齒比:11/12/13/14/15/17/19/21/24/28重:240G VS. 我原先的輪組 weight 3000g VS  zipp404 weight=2060g !!

“Danger and Dread” by Brown Bird

1. Danger and Dread – Lyrics by David Lamb Come on baby let me take your troubles away Some mean old mama’s got your head all in a horrible way Still for all your cryin’ and all your pain You’re just the sweetest little woman that I’ve seen in my day So come on pretty mama … Read more